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– That You Can Easily Make Yourself

Ok, so that may not be exactly true. Actually  it’s  just an old wives tale that I made up 3 minutes ago. Who knows though, right? Maybe a glass of red wine a day will make your hair smell like grapes?

I guess we should stick with what the researchers and experts say.  I mean, they have done studies on these kinds of things. What did they find, you ask? Well, for starters, they found 7 health benefits that drinking red wine produces. Yeah, yeah. I know the list says 10. We can pretend I’ve done my research too though.

1. Healthier Heart
Studies from the American Heart Association show that there is a powerful antioxidant within that wonderful glass of wine you are holding. Resveratrol comes from the crushed red grape skins and this is where the wine gets its color. This mighty little antioxidant is more than likely the source for protecting the lining of your blood vessels and preventing blood clots. According to the American Heart Association, Resveratrol can help reduce cardiovascular disease by 25 to 40%!
2. Memory
A study done at Texas A&M University has shown results that red wine consumption and Resveratrol (I almost forgot how to spell that) may be useful in helping adults improve memory as they age. The irony in that last sentence is mind boggling. Done in moderation, drinking red wine could slow memory loss and potentially help Alzheimer’s patients. On top of that, the results also show a possible improvement in the overall mood of adults! There is more research in the works on this one and hopefully the results remain positive. I can agree to all of this. After one glass of Cabernet, I not only remembered to write this, but was happy while doing so.
3. Teeth
Say what? I thought the red wine stained my teeth! How can it be good for them? Well, yes it is true that those stains can happen, but it might not be a bad thing! Research published by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry shows that red wine and grape seed extracts can slow the growth of bacteria in your mouth meaning fewer cavities. Does that mean you shouldn’t brush your teeth after drinking wine? No. You still need to do that.
4. Sounds
Unconfirmed research done at the lab in my basement shows that drinking red wine in moderation while hiding in the backyard away from children and pets can COMPLETELY eliminate loud noises.
5. Cancers
While there is some debate about red wine and its relationship to cancer, most researchers seem to agree that the many antioxidants contained in red wine do possess cancer-fighting properties. Depending on the type of cancer, it is probably best to consult with your doctor before drinking. There has been some success with colon cancer, but there are warnings when it comes to breast cancer. Once again, if you have any questions or concerns, please consult a physician.
6. Cholesterol
Oh, that beautiful word again. Resveratrol. Research also shows that this crazy powerful antioxidant raises your levels of high density lipoprotein, also known as HDL or good cholesterol. It also lowers levels of LDL, low density lipoprotein aka bad cholesterol. So, if you need work in this area, take a walk and then pour a glass!
7. Sitting
Another study from my living room shows that drinking red wine, again in moderation, can make your couch seem more comfortable. Over a 365 day study, researchers (myself) studied a handful of red wine drinkers (they were all me) as they had a glass or 2 each night and sat on the couch. “It seems that the subject, after a glass or 2 of wine, really enjoyed sitting on the couch. We aren’t sure what the exact cause is, but we might as well just say it was Resveratrol again to the rescue.” One researcher said to himself in the mirror.
8. Blood Sugar
A 2 year study has shown that moderate consumption of red wine can actually lower blood sugar! This is in stark contrast to previous studies that showed that those with diabetes should steer clear of alcohol. The newer study shows that drinking wine with their meal proved to have the best results. So for those of you with type 2 diabetes, you might want to consult your doctor to see if this works for you!
9. Fat
You thought this was going to be one of my studies again, didn’t you? Nope! A study in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry shows that alcohol consumption could potentially help with weight loss. Researchers at Oregon State University used mice as their subjects, and the ones that had both wine and food had lower blood sugar and stored less liver fat. So, next time you see a mouse run across the floor, offer it a nice Oregon Pinot Noir. Or call an exterminator.
10. Intelligence
In a recent study at a dinner party at my house, it was confirmed that consuming red wine made me smarter than everyone else there. There were complications during the experiment, however, as everyone there was drinking red wine. I was in charge of the study so what I say goes..

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