How to Get Started Larping

– you just whack stuff with sticks right?

We’ve all been there. Wait, I shouldn’t assume. Let’s just say I’ve been there enough times for all of you.

The wine hangover. It all starts with “I’m just going to have one glass to relax.” But, the wine was just too good. So you pour another. Starting to feel better now. Relaxed. “I bet a third glass will be the perfect ending!” Whoops. Spoke too soon. The wine has been breathing now for a while, and it’s just tasting better and better with each sip. “Well, there’s just a little bit left in the bottle. Might as well finish it so it doesn’t go bad.”

     “Hey, honey? Did we buy 2 bottles the other night? Oh, we did? Great! Open that baby up!”

Next morning. 7am. Headache. Starving. You feel gross. You are exhausted. Yeah, shouldn’t have opened that second bottle! You gots the wine hangover! Don’t fret, however. We can help you fix that. We are Vastewine. That’s what we do. Give you the good wine, then help you out when you over did it. Follow these steps and watch the magic happen!

Step 1: Get Up!

The last thing you want to do when you’ve got the wine hangover is just lay in bed. “My head hurts so bad, my stomach is upset, and I’m just drained. Just going to lay here for another hour.” Well, that’s the WRONG thing to do! Get up early and get your metabolism rolling. Yeah, I know, it’s going to be a rough start, but it will get better. Waking up and dragging yourself from the bed will jumpstart your recovery process. So, get up and throw some water on your face.

Step 2: Drink More…. Water!

This step is the most important of them all! Once you got your disaster body out of the bed, splashed the water on your face, it’s time to drink! Just make yourself start off with 2 glasses of water right off the bat. Fill up the bathtub and drink it with a straw. Whatever is easier for you. Make sure that throughout the day you continue to drink water.

Step 3: Take a Hike

Ok, don’t actually take a hike unless you just really want to. Instead, go for a short jog, like for 10 or 15 minutes. You need to get your blood flowing and get all that toxic wine waste out of your body. If you don’t jog often (or ever), simply take a walk. 20 to 30 minutes should do the trick. This is a very important step. You will be amazed at how quickly you will feel the recovery process start to happen.

Step 4: Wash Yourself

Time to take a shower! I don’t really think I need to explain to you how a shower works, so I’ll skip that. I highly recommend to make it fairly cool, however. You don’t want a hot shower in this state of body death. A nice, cool shower to relax will do the trick. This will open up your senses and get you more alert to be productive for the rest of the day.

Step 5: No Wine or Fried Chicken For You

While some types of hangover can be helped by drinking a little more, the wine hangover is not in that category. Wine hangovers are potent, and it’s best to avoid alcohol during your recovery. I know, I know…. Your best friend Bubba keeps texting you to “funnel 6 beers and eat some fried chicken” to help. Bubba’s method might work in some occasions (what those occasions are I have no idea), but in the case of the wine hangover alcohol free is the best route. Eat softer foods with protein instead of greasy, heavy meals. Even though you feel like you are starving, avoid it. You can thank me later.

Step 6: Set the Mood

If this wine hangover just happens to fall on a work day, grab your headphones. Play some of your favorite “calm” music. This is probably not the best time for Metallica. Keep your brain busy but calm. Now, if it’s a non-work day, make yourself a nice little spot on the couch. Relax a bit. Put on a comedy movie or series, or something light. Also not the time for a Slasher Movie marathon.

Step 7: Sleepy Time!

Don’t get too excited here. You aren’t going back to bed for the rest of the day. No, it’s nap time. And a short one at that. Hopefully your music or tv viewing got you relaxed enough to close your eyes for about 20 minutes. Before the nap, however, drink some coffee or a soft drink. Get some caffeine in you and let it energize your body. Don’t over do it though on the caffeine or the nap. It could have an opposite effect.

Step 8: Be Productive

At this point of your recovery you should be feeling much better. So, it’s time to stimulate your brain. Be productive. Take the focus off your headache and stomach ache. Within no time, you will be back to your normal self, rocking the day. Oh, yeah…..make sure you tell yourself not to do this again.

This simple 8 step process should, in most cases, get you back on the road to recovery. If not, repeat the steps and try again. Wine hangovers are a doozie, and there are also different types. Red Wine has it’s own disastrous version of a hangover, as does Champagne. While the symptoms may vary, the above process remains the same. If you have to take an aspirin, just make sure to do it in small doses. As always, enjoy every sip, every glass, every bottle. (Just be careful.)

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